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This visual novel is not for everyone. Player discretion is advised.
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Ableism, implications and physical evidence of past domestic abuse, and (censorable) imagery of rotten corpses and skeletons


Selinuntius, the last siren, has long lived apart from her kin after becoming stranded while looking for Persephone. Despite numerous attempts from the village on the shore to slay her, none have succeeded—her song has always reached those who come near her island eventually.

One day, a girl rows towards Selinuntius's island alone with an oar in injured hands and a smile on her face. What Selinuntius first believed was her effortlessly luring another victim morphs into the realization that the girl, Melos, could never hear her song in the first place—


  • 1,000 words in NVL format for a novel-like storytelling experience!
  • Cute bite-sized human x monster lesbian romance!
  • Cinematic experience!
  • Accessibility features that include:
    • Self-voicing and clipboard voicing!
    • Image and audio captions!
    • Screenshake disable!
    • High-contrast text!
    • Numerous font options and larger font sizes!
  • Option to censor grotesque imagery in the background!


Tech Support: support@milkplus.moe


Flotsam Song (Windows Installer) 34 MB
Flotsam Song (Windows ZIP) 40 MB
Flotsam Song (Mac) 45 MB
Flotsam Song (Linux) 33 MB
Flotsam Song (Android) 57 MB
Flotsam Song (32-bit PC) 68 MB

Install instructions

Your computer may falsely identify Flotsam Song as a virus.

Please select the 32-bit PC version only if you know you require it. Otherwise, Windows and Linux users should select their respective distribution.

To completely uninstall Flotsam Song for computers, please locate the Three Lilies folder on your computer (usually in %AppData%/RenPy for Windows, ~/Library/RenPy on Mac, and ~/.renpy on Linux) and delete it to remove all saves and persistent information permanently following an uninstall.

At this time, the Android edition of Flotsam Song is incompatible with mobile screen readers.

Development log


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Really nice, short VN with a good use of music and effects and a great use of UI. It's impressive how much is packed into this; it's very polished!


This was a nice and atmospheric scen! A short sequence that i think gets across the kind of quality one might expect from this studio's larger works 😃


Played it on debian, flawless. The story felt… Well - the description didn’t lie, it is bite sized. But with all the assets it felt like a waste no to make it longer !

T’was cute at least, just aaaaah. Too short ! pout

i'm having some trouble getting the game to start up, i'm on a 64bit windows computer and i've tried both installation options =( any advice / troubleshooting? i'm super excited to play this!

Hello! First, perform some basic troubleshooting. Might your antivirus be blocking you from launching the .exe? You may be able to launch it if you add it as an exception to your antivirus or if you temporarily turn off real-time protection features.

If this does not help, then please e-mail us at support@milkplus.moe with the following:

- What exactly occurs when you attempt to boot it up

- A screenshot of what the inside of the Flotsam Song folder looks like

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i was afraid to read this story bc i’m still traumatized by soundless (⚰️ im dead) but this story was really sweet and cute!! <3 and the camera effect really adds to the story!! ^^ (also the gui looks awesome!! even in the android version, it looks great!!)