Version 2.0 Changelog + Things To Come

Soundless version 2.0 has been released in celebration of the 1st anniversary.

Changes include:

  • Grammar and prose fixes
  • Major changes to certain scenes
  • The addition of an entire new day and one new CG
  • Major changes to the unlockable bonus content
  • Replacement of a music track and an ambiance track
  • Better visual impairment support
  • Better fix for a memory issue introduced in v1.2

Within the next few days, a YouTube playthrough of Soundless will be available on our official YouTube page as a stand-in for a proper mobile port. A proper mobile port cannot be created without taking development time away from other projects; we hope you understand. Please anticipate a proper mobile app in the future, as it is not completely off the table.

To commemorate the 1st anniversary, the short side novel "Soundless: Lonely Ruby Aria" is currently in production, featuring Nyn. More details are to come.


Soundless (Windows Installer) 134 MB
Sep 29, 2018
Soundless (Windows ZIP) 147 MB
Sep 29, 2018
Soundless (MacOS) 146 MB
Sep 29, 2018
Soundless (Linux) 151 MB
Sep 29, 2018


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