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I've played this game quite a while ago, but I just have to say that this is probably in my top ten VNs/KNs of all time. This is an incredibly layered and complex and thought-provoking story that just kills me more with each reread. <3 If you're deciding whether to download this game, do it. You will not regret the experience.

Absolutely loved this, but one thing I would nitpick: the transcripts note several pauses of under a second. This is too short to even register as a pause in conversation. (Source: am a transcriptionist.) I assume you're just intending to convey a pause of some arbitrarily short length, so something like 3-5 seconds would be more realistic. (Using the decimal points, pause for 3.26 seconds or whatever, is good to demonstrate that the transcription is presumably made by a computer program that can get that accurate, rather than a human being.)

at first i thought it was gonna be some random VN with a disappointing plot but man, was i wrong! this game went beyond my expectations with its great story and character designs, they are very unique and interesting especially in their personalities, they snap from time to time and the mood swings give lots of depth to the characters, but  i gotta say the ending really leaves too much to the imagination, like an epilogue would be nice to explain some stuff either way the game is great i hope you release more games in the future or even a sequel to this maybe? (i have i feeling that wont be happening).

oh and the fillipino folksong (doon po sa amin) gave me flashback to my childhood :)

This was really great! The part where she had the dream that everything had gotten better after she woke up and got out the private hiding area trolled me, lol.

Block 5 of the after stuff is bugged for me. It says out of memory? Not sure if it's just my laptop or not. Regardless, this story was... Intoxicating in several ways. I am a pretty big fan of sad things, but boy did this take the cake. Nicely done!

Hello, SpacePirateVex! Please e-mail us at with a screenshot of the error and information about your system and hardware. We want to make sure that everyone can experience Soundless the way it was intended to be.

(And thank you for your kind comments, we're glad you liked it!)


Ending was completely out of place to the point it felt like trolling.

I loved the VN it was fantastic. Cant wait to see what you make next.


That was really fantastic stuff. I got way more invested than I'd anticipated/been prepared for beforehand, hah. It was really nicely written and the characters were great. I felt so sorry for Mercy and really hoped she'd get her happy end all the way through. The artwork and character sprites were ace too. All in all, neat stuff all round, hope you continue making projects like this!